Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

Today truly is the golden age of coffee. Aside having access to strong, high-quality coffee beans, there are more coffee makers available than ever before. But even with all of the gadgets out there, you can’t beat the classic–pour over coffee. Essentially, this is the most bare-bones way to make a cup of Joe. You …

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Best vacuum sealer

The Best Vacuum Sealer in 2019

A vacuum sealing machine, or “vacuum sealer”, is a device that lets you wrap things in an airtight plastic pouch. It’s mostly used by food packagers, who seal their products in packages to preserve them. But, vacuum sealers are useful for other people, too. Many online merchants who sell on Amazon and Shopify use a …

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Best Manual Coffee Grinders

A manual grinder may sound like a pain in the butt. I mean, who wants to grind coffee by hand? Well, a lot of people, actually! In fact, many coffee connoisseurs prefer hand-grinding to electric grinding. Not only does it add an extra sense of handmade-ness to the brewing process, but manual grinders are often …

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best organic coffee

The Best Organic Coffee in 2019

Death Wish Ground Coffee Coffee gets a bad rap. People often rail against it, claiming that it’s unhealthy and bad for the environment. In reality, however, it can actually be good for you. There are several benefits of drinking organic coffee, in particular. Aside from being a stronger source of energy, organic coffee is high …

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The Best Convection Micowave

A convection microwave is a sort of hybrid appliance that combines a traditional microwave with a convection oven. So, instead of simply cooking food with radiation, it can also circulate heat like a normal oven. Ultimately, this makes it a much more flexible and useful appliance to have around the kitchen. Best Convection Microwaves Overwhelmed …

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best bar stool

Best Bar Stools of 2019

our favorite jeans Best Swivel Bar Stool Best Swivel Bar Stool Roundhill Furniture Leatherette $94.00 A classic style bar stool that would look great in a modern interior with its faux leather and chrome finish. Second Choice for Swivel Bar Stool Second Choice for Swivel Bar Stool BestOffice New Modern Adjustable $74.00 Another classic swivel …

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best hot plate

The Best Hot Plate of 2018

The hot plate is a simple alternative to a stove or other cooking surface. You know them well if you’ve ever tried to cook dinner in a dorm room. Typically, hot plates comes in a few different styles — with the difference based on the way they create heat. Below, each recommendation will discuss how …

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