Black Sapphire

is black sapphire expensive? A regular black sapphire is considered a cheap stone. a black star sapphire is very expensive costing thousands of dollars is dark sapphire better? Yes quality wise, the more vivid and intense the color, the better quality and per carat price for quality jewelry what is the most expensive color of …

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What Is A White Sapphire

what is a white sapphire A white sapphire is a completely colorless sapphire. No trace elements are present and it is sometimes used as an alternative to diamonds. is a white sapphire a cubic zirconia No it is not a CZ. It is less resistant to scratches than CZ is white sapphire more expensive than …

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Contemporary Ring Settings

There are many diamond ring setting. The contemporary settings today are many. But for the best look for you, here are your choices The classic settings are still around, but these days there are some new ways to make the classic engagement ring look new and fresh. The flush/gypsy setting is a newer look among …

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