Contemporary Ring Settings

There are many diamond ring setting. The contemporary settings today are many. But for the best look for you, here are your choices

The classic settings are still around, but these days there are some new ways to make the classic engagement ring look new and fresh.

The flush/gypsy setting is a newer look among the ring setting that is becoming popular. It literally involves building the ring around the diamond, and it is set within the band and flush to the top of the band.

The cathedral setting which highlights the center stone by elevating it is becoming very trendy as well.

The three stone trinity ring is among the fastest selling of ring settings.
Cluster diamonds settings are a great way to make a smaller diamond look bigger and more brilliant.

Antique settings are very popular. They are old, but they are contemporary as well because antique settings have intricate design and different stone shapes and sizes.
Minimalist settings are exactly what they sound like.

Those who do not want a lot of flash make their stone shine by a unique setting of the stone in the band.
Geometric shapes that are severe cuts and points are new and popular.