Necklace Chain Types [April 2020]

Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. Likewise, so do their chains.

This article will review the most popular chain types for necklaces, and give you a little insight into when each works best.

Want the Cliff notes?

Here is a list of the most popular chain types when buying a necklace

Anchor/Mariner chain (flat)
Puffed mariner chain
Ball/bead chain
Box chain
Cable chain
Curb chain
Figaro chain
Rope chain
Singapore chain
snake chains
Spiga/wheat chain

Guide To This Article

Chain Types – Difference Between A Box Chain And Cable Chain?

A box chain literally looks like little boxes and looks good for necklaces that you want to attach a pendant to and wear a lot. They links are also connected
Cable chains are also known as link chains and made up of round or oval links that are the same size.
A popular style it is chosen a lot to wear with charms and pendants as well.

How do I choose the right necklace length?

Depending on the kind of chain you want you have to measure you neck length and width. For a proper choker chain, the chain should not be wider than two inches.

If your neck is shorter and wider, go with a longer chain, over 18 inches.

If you have a longer more slender neck, then choose a chain that is between 14 and 18 inches that will accentuate your neck.

If you are taller, choose a longer chain to accentuate your height.

If you are short, avoid small chunky chains.
Those who have larger figures should not wear long chains..

Also be aware of your facial shape. Oval faces can wear any necklace length where as those with a longer face can wear a chain between 16-18 inches.

What Is The Strongest Style Chain For A Necklace?

When choosing a chain for your pendant, the metal you choose should complement your pendant, and be durable as well.

What Are The Different Styles Of Gold Chains For Your Necklace?

When it comes to gold chains, the possibilities are endless. Depending on whether or not you are searching for mens or women necklaces, each style has its own twist for a man or a women.
There are box chains which look like boxes and are flat.
Mariner chains are like box chains, except they are interlocked ovals. There are snake chains which are sleek and round, and rolo chains.
Depending on the strength you need for your necklace will depend on which you choose.

What Is A Singapore Necklace?

A Singapore chain is a mix of the curb and rope chain. It is flat and sleek. When described by people who wear them, it has the look and feel of liquid when it is unraveled.

What Are The Types Of Chain?

Surveyors use chains in their job everyday. They are used as a measuring instrument. They are made from 4mm galvanized mild steel wire. They are made in units of 100 links and joined by 3 circular or oval wire rings. The rings are what makes them flexible.

What It Cable Chain?

Cable chains are known for being symmetrical and uniform in width and thickness. They are also sold as a trace chain. Cable chains are popular for hanging pendants on and also used for earrings with dangling tassels. They are typically oval, but can also be round. They are made with round or flattened wire but always the same thickness.