What’s More Important Color Or Clarity

Is color more important than clarity

Color is more important than clarity in pear cut diamonds, radiant diamonds, oval diamonds, round and emerald diamonds.
Asscher, cushion and radiant cut diamonds need clarity over color because of the way they are cut.

Is VS1 clarity good?

VS1 clarity is a good clarity for a diamond. It falls under the heading between flawless and almost flawless. It is clean to the naked eye, and very clear under magnification up to ten times. It is usually the go to for engagement rings. It is a good clarity to go with when buying a diamond.

what color and clarity is good for diamonds

For diamonds under a carat, I-J is a good color. For diamonds over a carat, opt for G-H color.
VS1 and VS2 is the most popular range for diamonds. The next most popular range is SI1.

which is better clarity vs1 or vs2

On the rating scale for experts, VS1 is actually the better grade.