Best Affordable Jewelry Brands [February 2020]

Most Affordable Jewelry Brands

Looking to add to your jewelry collection without emptying your purse?

You’re in luck! Although some jewelry brands charge an arm and a leg for their products, there are also plenty of inexpensive companies out there.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the most affordable jewelry brands out there. Whether you’re looking for a new necklace, some rings, or a set of earrings, these brands will give you what you need at a fair price.

What Are The Most Popular Jewelry Brands?

The number one jewelry brand in the world is still considered Tiffany & Co. Noted for their famous blue boxes, they are also known for their exclusive design and brilliance of gems.

Cariter comes in a close second. Cartier diamonds are world renowned and were made famous in Paris in the 1800’s. The quality and craftsmandship of their jewelry is still regarded as great as it was when they first opened their doors.

Bvlgari is in third place. Their craftsmanship is still regarded around the world because of their signature design of implementing gems into one piece that others dared not do very often.

Is BaubleBar Good Quality?

BaubleBar is actually considered a pretty high quality maker for costume jewelry. Their pieces hold up over time and do not break or lose their shine after only a few wears.

What Brand Of Jewelry Is Most Popular?

When it comes to jewelry, Harry Winston who started in 1932 has been on top every since. His collections are made by master craftsman and they stand the test of time. Harry Winston created many famous pieces that are only available to the top echelon still today. His pieces are guarded by armed security guards when they are loaned out. His pieces are timeless and have withstood fashion over decades.

What Are Good Jewelry Brands?

Missoma London is gaining popularity these days because they integrate designs with popular trending people from Instagram and other social media platform. They make collections for everyday people that wont break you.

Katie Mullally combines old and new that represent her Irish heritage. She is a designer who urges people to make her pieces their own. She also makes her pieces interchangable and offers a variety of different looks.

Maria Black has made accessorizing simple but with striking pieces that nobody else has offered to date. She makes delicate and chunky jewelry and helps you make any outfit look great.

What Are The Best Jewelry Brands?

When it comes to the best Jewelry brands out there, Tiffany tops the list. Aside from their designs, the famous Tiffany blue box is iconic as the jewelry that comes in it. When Audrey Hepburn made Breakfast at Tiffany’s it skyrocketed the store into superstardom as well.
Cartier is right behind Tiffany’s for timelessness. They started in Paris in the 1800s and their designs and pieces are timeless and high quality.
David Yurman started in 1980, but his pieces will be a jewelry box staple forever. They are simple yet timeless designs that have icon potential just as Cartier.
Japanese designer Mikimoto have turned the jewelry world upside down by cornering the market on cultured pearls. THeir deisgns are considered to be the best in the world with pearls.
Bvlgari is always timeless. Their design is signature for brilliant gems coming together in one stunning and beautiful piece. Their designs are forever as well.
Last but not least is Harry WInston. His designs are timeless and considered the best in the world. To wear a Winston on loan is definitely a sign that you have made it. He always demanded the best of his craftsman and they delivered as expected.