Marquis Cut

what does a marquise diamond look like

Considering this diamond was made to look like the lips of a famous king’s mistress, the simplest way to describe how this diamond looks is a football. Pointed on the end, and wider in the middle. They are a sign of elegance as well among women

what is a marquise cut diamond

A marquise cut diamond is a diamond that is cut to look like a football almost. They are made to look larger than they are and more brilliant. There is a length to width ratio that is important in these diamonds as they are supposed to be symmetrical.

The marquise diamond is a way a diamond is cut. It is a pretty cut and has a pretty unique history. King Louis XV of France came up with this design when he hired a jeweler to design a diamond that resembled the shape of his mistress’s lips. Interesting take on a popular diamond design.

marquise brilliant cut diamond – Are They cheaper?

They are less expensive that other cuts, but they are the more elegant of the cuts out there and are made to look bigger than they really are.

Are marquise cut Diamonds making a comeback?

Marquise cuts are making a comeback in a new way. The east west cut is a very popular trend. It is a marquise cut diamond mounted horizontally on the ring as opposed to vertical They are also making a comeback because they look larger and make womens’ fingers look longer as well.