Princess-Cut 2-Carat Engagement Rings

Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

Who doesn’t love diamonds? Heart shaped diamonds have a significant meaning in the diamonds world. The first heart diamond given to a person on record is in 1562 when Mary Queen of Scots gave Queen Elizabeth a heart shaped diamond ring as a sign of their friendship. Then there is the very famous Hope Diamond that was bought in India.

What it boils down to with heart shaped diamond, is the people who search for them and those who present them to their loved ones are romantics and they love deeply. Heart diamonds remain the most expensive cut, especially if you are looking for a brilliant sparkling diamond. Also for those who are in love and “wear their hearts on their sleeve.”

heart diamond ring

When it comes to a heart diamond, it is hard to buy them. They cannot be measured like other diamonds because they have a cut assessment that is all their own.. You need to look at the top of the heart diamond. For a good cut, the arches must be identical. Only master cutters have mastered this cut, so to speak.
You also need to have it inspected by someone who has experience with these diamonds. Symmetry is important with heart diamonds, and thickness. There are proportions that are consistent for those who want the higher quality and affordability because heart diamonds are pretty expensive.

If it is not consistently cut symmetrical throughout, your heart diamond will look like a blob. Length/width ratio is also something to consider. You want to make sure the diamond almost looks like a fatter heart rather than an elongated point, because with a heart shaped diamond, the top of the heart where the arches are must be matching and the width has to be spot on so that the length will not look back therefore throwing off the whole dynamic.
As for size of the diamond, you must go bigger than 1/2 a carat because otherwise it is too small to look right. It will look like a round cut diamond if it is .5 carat or smaller.