The Best Chair Leg Floor Protectors

When you have a finely-finished floor, you don’t want anything to destroy it–not even a beautiful set of chairs.

That’s why you should get some floor protectors for your chairs. And they don’t have to be big, clunky floor mats, either.

You can actually buy some pretty stylish protectors that connect directly to the bottom of your chairs and match your furniture perfectly!

Chair leg floor protectors come in a variety of styles, so you’ll always be able to find something you like. Whether you need some protectors that accessorize your chairs or ones that are nearly invisible, you’ll never have to look far.

Here are a few of or favorite protectors, sourced from various stores around the internet.

Too Cute – Editor’s Choice for Floor Protectors

Too Cute – Editor’s Choice for Floor Protectors 🌟

CozyMozyHome Knitted Polyester Chair Socks $12.00

These knitted chair “socks” are durable floor protectors that slip directly onto the bottom of each chair leg. They’re designed to fit on tables and other furniture, too!

This product is actually one of the best selling products on eBay, due to the fact that it’s cute, functional, and made from high-quality materials.

Hair Pin Protectors

Hair Pin Protectors 🌟

AtomicFab Hairpin Leg Floor Protectors $14.00

If you’re not into the sock/sleeve style of chair protectors, this plastic model might better suit your tastes.

It’s designed specifically for midcentury “hairpin” chairs that have curved legs instead of straight ones.

So, if you have some beautiful hairpin chairs but you don’t want to scratch your floors, it could benefit you to pick up a set of these!

Subtle Protectors

Subtle Protectors 🌟

Premium Buying Chair Leg Silicone Caps $12.00

In certain cases, you may want some floor protectors that don’t make a statement but disappear into the background.

If that’s what you’d prefer, you might like these silicone chair caps. Made from clear, flexible plastic, they feature a small piece of cork on the bottom that keeps your floor protected.

And, they come in bulk packages, so you can replace them over time as they wear and tear.

Another Option for Hairpin Legs

Another Option for Hairpin Legs 🌟

FeroDezine Hairpin Leg Floor Protector $2.00

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