Mid Century Modern Rugs

Mid Century Modern Rugs [August 2020]

As you know, Mid-century designers loved patterns. So, as you can imagine, they adored rugs. Rugs, after all, are usually adorned with some kind of unique pattern.

These patterns, along with color and texture, can really bring a room together. They draw out the tones in the furniture, the wallpaper and the accessories that sit on top of them.

The Best Mid Century Modern Rugs

A few of our favorite rugs with a little about what makes each special…


Mid Century Rugs

Mid Century Rugs


from All Modern $42.00

. Customers gave this piece 4.8/5 stars.


All Modern Area Rugs

All Modern Area Rugs


from All Modern $58.00

With different colors and textures scattered throughout this rug will keep things interesting and bring your room to the next level. Customers gave this piece 4.8/5 stars.


Mid Century Reproduction

Mid Century Reproduction


from All Modern $30.00

Anchor your space with this stylish, monochromatic area rug. Customers gave this piece 4.7/5 stars.

Questions About Mid Century Rugs

Shag area rugs and indoor area rugs are often made in the mid century style

There’s no specific style that defines a mid century modern rug. Some are patterned with symmetrical shapes like triangles. Others are adorned with asymmetrical rhombuses and hexagons.

Certain designers actually favor Persian rugs for their mid-century-inspired work. Remember, the artists and designers of the mid-century period were very much inspired by the work of Asian and African artists. So, nearly all rugs that draw on the styles from those continents looks great in a mid-century motif.

A lot of mid-century creators also drew from the aesthetics of technology and mass production. They utilized zigzags, spirals and other machine-drawn patterns in their work. If you’re able to find a patterned rug with a slightly optical design, then, it might be able to tie your room together.

MCM Rug from Armadillo Co.

MCM Rug from Armadillo Co.

Looking to decorate your home in an authentic mid century style? Well, you’re definitely going to need some rugs!

Fortunately, there are a bunch of different places where you can find good ones. Antique dealers everywhere tend to stock their inventories with midcentury rugs because they’re so popular.

Here are a few of our favorite stores…


Chairish is an online antique dealer that specializes in authentic vintage merchandise. Whether you’re looking for a rug to go under your coffee table, in your bedroom, or even in the bathroom, they’ll have something for you.

Be warned though–the turnover rate on Chairish is FAST. So, if you find something you like, make sure to grab it before someone else does.

Go to Charish.com

1st Dibs

Another favorite, 1stdibs has a huge inventory of mid-century rugs. They carry original artisanal products from all over the world. The decorators of the 50’s and 60’s would die to have access to such a great catalog.

Go to 1stdibs.com

3. Ebay

Of course, you can never go wrong with eBay. The online marketplace gives everyone the ability to sell off their antique collection. Plus, a number of auction houses use the platform to move their inventory.

Like on Chairish, items tend to disappear quickly. So make sure that you bid on your favorite rugs if you really want to own them.

Check out Ebay’s rug section

👍 John’s Rule of Thumb Runners are a less expensive, very available way to add a touch of Mid Century Modern to your home.

Not everyone needs a wide, spacious rug. If you’re looking to decorate your hallway, for example, a 6″ x 6″ rug isn’t likely to do you any good (unless you have an absurdly wide hallway, of course).

In those cases, you’ll need a runner. Luckily, there are a ton of amazing brands making mid-century style runners. Check out these companies if you’re looking for the perfect runner to adorn your home.

Joss & Main

J&M is a go-to stop for anyone seeking a high-quality but inexpensive mid-century rug. But, they don’t just carry big ol’ rugs. They’ve got some long runners, too. Whether you’re looking for an organic, hand-woven design or something a bit more geometric, they’ll take care of you.

Visit Joss and Main

West Elm

This is another favorite among mid-century replica aficionados. They’ve got all kinds of furniture and accessories to suit your taste. Their vintage runner inventory, in particular, is pretty expansive. Definitely check them out.

Go to Westelm.com

3. Target

Of course, you can’t go wrong with Target. No matter what style you’re looking for, they’re bound to have something that fits your home perfectly. In the past few years, Target has ramped up the production of vintage-inspired goods, so they’ve always got some mid-century style runners in stock.

Visit Target.com

Scandinavian Inspired Rugs

Scandinavian rugs are a type of contemporary rug

Scandinavian design is kind of a sub-genre of the mid-century modern style. During the early 20th century, Scandinavian designers were very much influenced by the same Asian styles that other European designers were pulling from. And, American designers were pulling ideas from the Scandinavians, too.

But, the “Scandi” style is known for being slightly different from what we know as mid-century modern.

Whereas American, French, and German designers, for example, used a lot of patterns in their work, Scandinavian designers did not. Instead, they favored solid color schemes, often in muted tones.

A French designer, for example, would probably choose a geometrically-patterned rug. A Scandinavian designer, on the other hand, would be more likely to employ a monochrome rug.

Nordic Knots

Our favorite Scandi rugs (and artisan rugs in general) goes to Nordic Knots, a Swedish design studio. The combination of craft and excellent taste makes them a must for any chic space.

See Nordic Knots Whole Collection Here

The Best MidCentury Modern Shag Rugs

What Is Scandinavian Modern Furniture?

Scandinavian Modern Furniture is furniture that was designed to accommodate the minimalist way of living. It was made to be no frills furniture that was functional as well as stylish.

One of the reasons this style has become so popular is that it focuses on quality in both design and construction. Famously, Ikea began using these same principles to spread the word about the wonders of “Scandi” furniture.

Past big box retailers, famous Danish, Swedish, and other Scandinavian design has enduring popularity in the re-sale and antique markets.

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