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Finding the Best Bespoke Furniture

Over the past decade, bespoke furniture has become increasingly popular. But, you might be wondering…what is bespoke furniture, anyway? We hear this term all of the time, but too few people actually know what it means.

Well, here goes. This term is used to describe custom pieces of furniture that are built according to the buyer’s exact needs. These needs may be spatial (i.e if someone needs a bookshelf to fit a unique nook in their small apartment) or functional (i.e if someone needs special hooks to hang their hockey jersey on). So, if you have ever longed for a piece of furniture that solves a very specific problem in your life, you’re in need of some bespoke furniture.

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  • KUF Studios Bespoke Furniture
    Plant Hanger by KUFstudios


    KUFstudios is a bespoke design firm that creates work in a range of different styles. Named for its founder Kia Utzon-Frank, KUF has created experimental furniture, jewelry, hanging mobiles, and even marble-wrapped cakes. In addition, clients are invited to commission workshops in which Utzon-Frank works with the group to create their own bespoke design projects.

    Bespoke furniture comes in every form, size, and color. And, it can serve any function. There are It’s only limited by the imagination of the person who commissions it and the person they hire to make it.

    We’ve gathered a few amazing pieces from around the web to give you an idea of how great bespoke furniture can be.


    LIKEMINDEDOBJECTS Bespoke Hanging Lamp

    This hanging hose lamp is a great example of the possibility of bespoke furniture. Crafted from a common rubber hose, a kitchen strainer, and some rope, this adjustable lighting system hangs over the owner’s bed.

    It was created by Elise McMahon of LIKEMINDEDOBJECTS, a design firm based in Hudson, NY.


    Bespoke Wooden Cabinet Boris Dennler
    Bespoke Cabinet by BorisLab

    Woodenheap Walnut Cabinet by BorisLab

    This walnut cabinet is the brainchild of BorisLab, the design studio of Boris Dennler.

    Like many bespoke furniture pieces, it’s a modular design. Essentially, this means that it breaks down into pieces and can be rearranged according to the user’s needs. Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s space-efficient, too!

    BorisLab website

    Reading Nook by Thomas Kroeger
    Reading Nook by Thomas Kroeger

    Thomas Kroeger Bespoke Reading Nook

    Oftentimes, bespoke furniture is designed for and built into a specific room. This reading nook by Thomas Kroeger is a great example. Instead of adding a couch and shelves into the room, Kroeger and his team actually built them into the wall. What a great idea!

    Thomas Kroeger website

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