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The Best Contemporary Area Rugs

Contemporary Area Rug by eSaleRugs

Marilyn Monroe Glam Trellis Rug by eSaleRugs

Area rugs are amazing. They’re and easy way to add a bit of color or a fresh pattern to your room without having to paint your walls.

And today, there are more to choose from than ever. There are a TON of exquisitely designed rugs with all kinds of fun, quirky patterns to suit your taste.

Looking for a perfect contemporary area rug that will compliment your stylish home? We’ve got some great recommendations!

Contemporary Rug Recommendations

Joaquin Contemporary Area Rug

Joaquin Mustard/Black Contemporary Area Rug

When it comes to contemporary area rugs, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for something with a wacky pattern or something that’s slightly more minimal, there’s no shortage of rugs out there.

And the best part is that you never have to pay too much if you don’t want to. There are a ton of stylish pieces that will make your home look great without breaking your bank.

contemporary, area rug

Wrought Studio Mott Street Modern Geometric Rug

When it comes to contemporary furniture and accessories, Wayfair always has something great in stock.

This geometric rug, for example, has a fresh, funky pattern that’s perfect for a modern-style apartment.

Whether you need it for your living room, your dining room, or even a child’s bedroom, this rug can really add that hip look you’re going for.

contemporary, area rug

Tribeca Collection Black and White Runner Rug

Black and white patterns never go out of style. And this area rug from the Tribeca Collection is proof.

With a stylish, offset checkered pattern, this rug rings of a hip New York loft. Your couch, as well as the rest of your living room furniture, will look amazing on top of this contemporary carpet.

At only $60 on, you can’t beat it!

contemporary, area rug

Junovo Ultra Soft Contemporary Floor Rug

Some people aren’t into patterns. We get it. A pattern often takes attention away from the furniture.

If you want your area rug to compliment your couch and not overshadow it, there are plenty of amazing monochrome area rugs out there.

This ultra soft area rug from Junovo, for example, sits perfectly in between traditional and contemporary.

Although it’s monochrome color scheme allows it to fade into the background of your living room, it’s shaggy quality gives it a bit of modern flair!