The Best Chair Mats For Your Hardwood Floor [August 2020]

Nothing beats a nice hardwood floor. It adds a sense of coziness, comfort, and stability that few other materials can.

But, many people avoid going for hardwood because they don’t want to ruin it. After all, at $5 to $8 per square foot, it’s not cheap.

However, there are certain things you can do to prevent damage to your beautiful floors. Chair mats, for example, protect your floor from the scraping and scratching of chair legs.

We’ve put together this guide to help you find some chair mats that are both functional and fashionable….including choices for tile, hardwood, and everything in between.

The Best Floor Mats

The best and a little about what makes each special…


Editor’s Choice For Best Chair Mat

Editor’s Choice For Best Chair Mat



When it comes to office furniture and accessories, you can’t beat the classics. This mat from SHAREWIN is about as classic as they come.

Made from a thick piece of PVC plastic, the HYNAWIN mat is intended to protect your floors while remaining out of sight.

It also has an anti-slip surface that will prevent your chair from sliding around.


Best Colorful Chair Mat

Best Colorful Chair Mat

Orange Office Chair Mat

casa pura Orange Office Chair Mat $29.00

This stylish, minimal floor mat by casa pura can help you add some flair to your home office.

It comes in a variety of different colors and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that suits your taste.

And it’s great for the kid’s rooms, too. No more worrying about those hardwood floors getting scratched up!


Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors

Best Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors

EconoMat Clear Chair Mat

Deflecto EconoMat Clear Chair Mat $35.00

Simple, elegant with its rounded corners and as straightforward as can be, this floor mat comes in 3 sizes and is the perfect choice for protecting your hardwood floors from scuffs and debris that comes with rolling around all day.

The non-studded bottom is key to a all-day grip on your floor.

Reasons We Love These Chair Mats

Thick construction prevents warpage (curling), Fast delivery and simple — basically no — set up. , The flat bottom has enough grip to stay in place but wont leave your carpet or flooring with the dreaded hole marks.

Things to Look Out For

If shipped incorrectly, the piece may have permanent warping (curling) on edges, Some reports of sizing being slightly different than advertised.


Best Non Slip Chair Mat

Best Non Slip Chair Mat

  Roll over image to zoom in Cleartex Ultimat Chair Mat, Clear Polycarbonate, for Plush Pile Carpets Over

Cleartex Roll over image to zoom in Cleartex Ultimat Chair Mat, Clear Polycarbonate, for Plush Pile Carpets Over $36.00

This floor mat is designer with a non-slip technology that makes it perfect for surfaces that have a little slickness to them. The thick construction and anti-slip underside made this our editor’s choice.

Reasons We Love These Chair Mats

Non-slip coating makes this the perfect choice for slick surface, Odor free – none of the plastic smell that you are used to with protective mats, Thick (1/8″) means you wont have warping or cracking issues

Things to Look Out For

Some reports of a tough time sliding on the mat, The thick material feels quite hard to the touch


Best Chair Mat For Carpet

Best Chair Mat For Carpet

Rolling on your carpet never felt better

Starcounters Rolling on your carpet never felt better $47.00

No a creative name but what a mat. This is the perfect choice for a carpet chair mat, as it has anti-slip technology, a sturdy construction, and it stored and shipped flat to avoid curling.

Reasons We Love These Chair Mats

Studded underside is designed to keep the mat in place without slipping, 1/8″ thick means you won have issues with curling or any other warping…and there’s a 5 year guarantee, No odor that you are used to from plastic floor protectors

Things to Look Out For

Because it is thick, that means you will have to store the floor mat flat, which can be tricky if you don’t have a ton of space, This floor mat is slightly smaller than the others mentioned, so make sure its size works for your space


Most Stylish Chair Mat

Most Stylish Chair Mat

Bamboo Roll Up Office Chair Mat

Anji Mountain Bamboo Roll Up Office Chair Mat $139.00

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, this bamboo chair mat from Anji Mountain could be perfect for you.

Stained with a dark cherry varnish, this mat is intended to compliment your hardwood floors while keeping them free of scratches, too.

It’s great for anyone who wants a chair mat that looks just as good as their floors do.

Frequent Questions

Do You Need A Chair Mat For Hardwood Floors?

Absolutely. There is a reason that you should definitely have a chair mat for your hardwood floors.

When you spend a lot of money putting in gorgeous hardwood floors and then run your office chair on it in one spot.

Some companies will actually make your warranties void if you do not use a chair mat on your hardwood floor.

how do you protect a hardwood floor from office chairs?

You can change out your chair wheels with a soft material. They have rubber and neoprene materials that you can replace hard plastic wheels with.
The more optimum choice is to put a chair mat under your work surface. You can also do regular maintenance that will help with the upkeep of the floor as well

how do you clean office floor mats?

You can clean your floor mats simply with soap and water.

Do not use a chair mat where it will be under 60 degrees or above 95 degrees.

Do not use a carpeted chair mat on a hardwood floor. We also advise people to not use office floor mats in areas of moisture.

what is the lip on a chair mat?

The lip on a chair mat is a protrusion from the edge of the mat. The lip protects the floor where the chair would be if it is pushed all the way in.

The lip is also the most common place to stub your toe on a chair mat (ouch!) so beware.

Do office chairs ruin carpet?

Office chairs can cause carpets to be ruined. They cause the carpet to wear unevenly, that is why the mats are important, as they distribute wear over a large area and limit the amount of damage caused by your rolling chair.

Is a chair mat necessary?

It is necessary because when your office chair does not have a mat under it, the lumbar strain and actual risk of injury can occur because the stress on the lower body to move the chair can create strain.

What are carpet casters?

They are a tool that can be implemented to help ease the wear on carpet, especially for store fixtures, etc. They are helpful to use for chairs to help avoid wear

Are Gel Pro Mats Good For Hardwood Floors?

Not all gel mats are good for hardwood floors. Make sure when you are getting ready to buy one, that you make sure they are okay for your hardwood floors.