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The Best Black Rugs for Your Bedroom

Rug Addiction Black Set

Black Rug Set by Rug Addiction

Black rugs scare some homeowners off.

Not everyone wants the surface of their floor to be covered in black, after all. Sometimes, it gives off a moody vibe that not everyone is comfortable with.

But if implemented properly, a black rug can add an elegant sleekness to a home that is hard to achieve otherwise.

Read on to see what we’re talking about…

The Best Black Rugs

Wrought Studio

Bohm Hand-Tufted Black Rug

Though it might sound surprising, your bedroom is one of the best places to put a black rug.

Particularly if you have white walls and furniture, it can lead the eye upward in a way that makes your ceilings look much taller.

You’ll want to be careful if you have pets with white fur, as their shedding hair will accumulate on the carpet over time. But, as long as you vacuum on a regular basis, your black rug will turn your bedroom into a nice, cozy environment.

black rug

Carvapet Luxury Faux Sheepskin Rug

Nothing adds warmth and coziness to your bedroom quite like a shaggy rug. And this faux sheepskin fur rug by Carvapet is the best of the best.

It’s the perfect carpet to step out of bed onto in the morning, and even better for your pets to curl up on at night.

And, it’s made from faux sheepskin, so it’s both affordable and animal-friendly.

black rug

Safavieh Adirondack Vintage Boho Rug

Perhaps you want to add a black surface to your bedroom but don’t want an all-black monochrome carpet.

If that’s the case, you might consider something like this boho-style rug from Safavieh’s Adirondack Collection.

Featuring a Moroccan pattern, this rug combines black and silver to create a textile that’s both laid-back and luxurious.

black rug

Orren Ellis Kleiber Shaggy 3D Red and Black Area Rug

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate red into your color palette, you might like this shaggy red and black rug from Orren Ellis.

It features both colors in a way that subdues the red, taking away it’s typical flashy quality. And, the colors are mixed in a way that gives it a 3D effect, almost making it appear as if it’s popping off the floor.

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