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The Best Electric Fireplaces [May 2020]

Everyone loves a fireplace. There’s nothing better than curling up on a cold night and watching TV or reading a book near a nice, warm fire.

But, fireplaces can be troublesome. You have to chop (or let’s be honest…buy) firewood. You have to light it. And, you have to get the chimney cleaned every few months to prevent soot.

That’s why we’re HUGE advocates for electric fireplaces–no wood, no mess. What more could you ask for?

How Long Do Electric Fireplaces Last?

Depending on how much they are used, they will last ten to twenty years

Do Electric Fireplaces Have A Real Flame?

No they do not have a real flame. They install LED bulbs in the electric fireplace that mimics the look of a real flame.

What Brand Of Electric Fireplace Is Best?

The Touchstone 80004 – Sideline Electric Fireplace is a great addition for your living room decor. It is also a great addition because it has the luxury function that allows you to choose the color of your flames. It can also be mounted inside your wall and works off 1500 watts.