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The Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair of 2019

To the average person, a gaming chair might sound excessive.

“Really? A chair made for video games?”

But if you’ve ever spent 12 hours playing Fortnite, you understand that it can actually take a toll on your body.

After several hours of sitting and focusing on a screen, your back and neck start to hurt. Your limbs tighten up. And you can come out feeling like you actually spent half a day running through the desert jumping off of buildings.

Gaming chairs can help to make your body more comfortable and ease some of the work-related injuries that come with intensive gameplay.

The Benefits of Gaming Chairs for Regular People

Gaming chairs are actually good for non-gamers, too.

In a recent article for New York Magazine, writer Lauren Schwarzberg explained that gaming-specific furniture offers a type of lumbar support that’s hard to find in other furniture. They can ease muscle tension and regulate your body temperature to keep you cool

So, if you’re a non-gamer who spends all day in a chair at work, you might actually find these chairs helpful.