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The Best Unfinished Furniture [November 2019]

We’ve seen a huge resurgence of DIY aesthetics during the past couple of years. You can’t go very far in a major city without walking into a bar or restaurant furnished with tables and chairs made from repurposed wood.

One popular trend that’s come out of the DIY revival is unfinished wood furniture. These pieces are made from wood, just like most furniture, but aren’t painted or varnished.

There are two groups of people who love unfinished wood furniture. The first group is comprised of those folks who buy it to finish it themselves. Many people buy furniture to paint and varnish on their own. Some use it to furnish their own houses and apartments while others sell it at a profit.

The other group simply loves the aesthetic of these objects. They might buy some unfinished wood lawn chairs for their porch or an unfinished wood table for their kitchen. It’s great because it looks fantastic in almost any room, particularly those with a rustic vibe.

Best Places to Find Unfinished Furniture Online

There are a ton of great places to buy unfinished furniture online. Here are some of our favorites

Crate and Barrel

C&B has been in the game for a few decades now. They’re always quick to pick up on the latest interior design trends. So, they have a large catalogue of unfinished wooden furniture for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Crate & Barrel’s prices are a little on the high side for mass-produced pieces. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll buy these to finish yourself (especially if your a newbie DIY-er. But, if you’re simply looking to furnish your home with unfinished wood, you might find something here that you like.

Visit Crate & Barrel


Wayfair is slowly gaining steam as a one-stop online furniture store. They’re great because their prices are reasonable and their designs are always on trend. With a wide selection of minimal mid-century styles as well as slightly more-ornate rustic designs, they have something for everyone.

&&Unfinished furniture is one of their specialities. So, whether you’re looking for a dining room table, a bedroom dresser, or some kitchen chairs, Wayfair has you covered. They even have a wholesale furniture operation if you want to furnish your whole business.

Visit Wayfair.com

Mill Stores

Mill Stores Furniture Outlet is a go-to supplier of unfinished wood furnishings. They have a huge catalog with everything you could ever need for your home. The best part — it’s ALL unfinished.

For such finely designed objects, their furniture pieces are relatively cheap. So, if you have some experience with DIY-finishing, you might consider buying your furniture here. But, if you’d prefer to have it finished for you, Mill Stores will customize it. Basically, you just choose from their color options and finishes and wait for your new furniture to show up at your door.

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How Do You Paint Unfinished Furniture?

When you start, put dropcloths down on the floor and remove any knobs or other hardware from the furniture.
Make sure you sand down the furniture to a smooth finish
To seal the wood, you need to apply a coat of primer.
Decide what kind of paint you would like, glossy or flat finish.
Using a roller, paint the furniture and elt it dry thoroughly
Apply as many coats as you need.
Replace the hardware and you are done.

How Do You Stain Unfinished Furniture?

When you begin, clean the furniture with a clean dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
For stubborn areas, you can use a magic eraser to get the stain off.
Sand down the surfaces and make sure it is even and smooth
You need to seal the wood. For a quick method, use vegetable oil from your kitchen to protect the wood.
Clean your newly smooth surface, put on a pair of cotton gloves and run it across the furniture to make sure it doesn’t snag and that it is smooth.

What is Parawood furniture?

Parawood has several other names: rubberwood, plantation hardwood, and Malaysian Oak. In furniture, it is a beautiful light-colored tropical wood that is environmentally friendly in its use. Parawood sources grows new trees in the place of every felled tree. Parawood furniture is highly durable and stain resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for places where the wood will be interacted with, such as in the kitchen or the living room.

It is important to note, however, that Parawood rots easily in extreme weather conditions, so don’t use Parawood furniture outdoors.