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Boho Pillows

Pillows are an often overlooked element in Boho design. But, they’re VERY important. Bohemians love having lots of pillows around so that they can lounge and read or converse with their guests while sipping hibiscus tea. (Love Boho design? Check out this DIY article from Floortjeloves.)

But, what makes a pillow Boho chic? How can you be sure that you’re choosing the right pillows? How do you find patterns that scream “Bohemian!” to everyone who enters your home? And, most importantly, how can use those pillows as decorative elements in your home?

This article will answer all of those questions and more. We want to help you design your bohemian dream home. Before long, you and your hippy friends will be lounging around like the members of an artist colony on the outskirts of France.

Boho pillows can make any room look chic. Here are some tips for making them look great.

  • In Boho design, the best way to use pillows is to pile them up generously. In other words, don’t stop at just one pillow on each arm of the couch…pile on four, five or even six. When you’re using the couch, you can toss them to the floor if you really don’t want them. But, it’s important that they’re there.
  • The same goes for your bed, too. Pile on as many as you can bear to have. Don’t worry about them all being the same pattern. After all, boho design isn’t about matching. As long as they all have quirky, unique patterns, they’ll fit.
  • And, you might even consider having some pillows on the floor in your living room as seats. This is where the idea of the “beanbag” comes from. Oftentimes, bohemian gatherings were very earthy, casual situations where guests would sit around on the floor together. So, keeping some seat-pillows on the ground helps to create a casual, laid-back environment that makes everyone feel at ease.
  • Pile as many pillows as you can! Bohemians often gathered on the floor and in uncoventional ways, so have you pillows ready.

    Moroccan Pillows – A Boho Favorite

    Boho Pillow from Gously

    I’m obsessed with how intricate these designs are. What an awesome addition to any boring space…

    East Pearl Art Moroccan Leather Pouf

    A special class of Boho pillow, these poufs are a traditional north African decor piece that look great in a ton of design spaces.

    Mintchi Mintchi’s Wonder Cushion

    Such a cool Boho style pillow, with south American style art and rich colors, this is a must for a chic bohemian space.

    Sheridan Hepburn Rug

    Wool rugs are a staple in Boho design. They’re both beautiful and soft on the feet, making them perfect decor for a bohemian home.

    This wool rug by Sheridan is a great example. Handwoven in India, it bears a repetitive diamond pattern that would pair nicely with some decorative floor pillows.

    The rug comes in a few different sizes, so you can order whichever one fits your room best.

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