Your Guide To Traditional Interior Design [August 2019]

Traditional Interior Design

Interior Design by Laural & Wolf

Traditional interior design is a style best seen in your grandparents house. It’s noted for neutral tones like tan and beige, classical patterns, and abundance of wood. The style usually embraces symmetry and can look a bit stuffy.

In an age where midcentury modern, Boho, and other new age/minimal styles dominate, traditional interior design gets the short end of the stick. But, that doesn’t mean that we need to throw it out entirely.

In fact, traditional (or “trad”) design has plenty of features that we should pay attention to. While some people might think of it as outdated, fussy, or downright ugly, the trad style has many admirable qualities.

Traditional Interior Design Tips


Best Of The Most Chic

Best Of The Most Chic

Pittsburg Interior Design Project

Davin Interiors Pittsburg Interior Design Project

Custom chandelier and gorgeous off whites bring this traditional home project together. See the whole project here


Traditional Interior

Hey There Home Traditional Interior

Parquet floors and crown molding, both standards of traditional interior design.


Custom wood table and chandelier

Elle Decor Custom wood table and chandelier

Beautiful wood table and chairs in traditional setting from Elle Decor’s top 100 interior designers.


Gorgeous large staircase and traditional molding

Usual House Gorgeous large staircase and traditional molding

Large foyer area in a traditional interior.


Traditional Nook

My First Home Traditional Nook

Dark stained wood and skirting boards also common in traditional interior design.

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