marble tile bathrrom

Your Guide to a Marble Tile Bathroom

Marble Tile Bathroom

Marble Tile Bathroom

Nothing’s better than a tiled bathroom. It gives you a shiny, smooth surface that’s easy to clean and looks great, too.

But, a MARBLE tiled bathroom is particularly amazing. Marble tiles add an extra layer of glamour and elegance that helps you take bathroom decoration game up a notch.

The potential of marble is endless. No matter the size, shape, or style of your bathroom, you can incorporate some marble to make it shine.

Planning to get a marble tile bathroom put into your home? Here are some ideas to help you start brainstorming.

Go Floor to Ceiling

Marble floor tiles are nice. But, if you want a truly luxurious bathroom, put tiles on the wall, too. The most difficult thing about owning marble tiles is getting them installed. So, if you’re already having the floor tiles installed, you might as well get wall tiles put in while you’re at it.

Matching Countertops

It’s usually easy to find a marble countertop that matches your floor tiles. Typically, tile manufacturers make counters as well. Your countertop doesn’t have to be made out of marble, of course, but it sure is nice.

Dark Tiles?

When we think of marble tile bathrooms, we usually picture light-colored tiles. But, if you’d prefer something a bit darker, you can find dark grey and charcoal-colored tiles. It’s not a style for everyone, but certainly for some.

Marble Bathroom Installation

Mable Bathroom by Maison Valentina

When many people picture a tiled bathroom, they envision cold, ugly public toilet. But, it doesn’t have to look like that. In fact, tiled bathrooms can be the most beautiful addition to your home.

Marble tile is particularly gorgeous. Putting marble in your bathroom can definitely add a luxurious touch.

Here are some marble tile bathrooms we absolutely adore.

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Horton&Co. Marble Tile Backsplash

One great way to employ marble in your backroom is to use it as a backsplash.

Here, Australian design firm Horton&Co. has installed a panel of 1″x1″ marble tiles behind the sink and vanity.

We love that way that the marble compliments the geometric shape of the sink and mirror. And, how the marble extends off the backsplash as a baseboard along the floor.

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Walls and Floors UK All-Over Marble Tiled Bathroom

Floor to ceiling tiles is a marble lovers dream. Imagine sitting in a warm tub surrounded by marble? Sounds amazing! It makes baths, already a great thing, into something even better!

It takes a lot of work (you’ll probably have to hire a contractor if you want it to look this good), but a full marble bathroom is worth the effort.

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Tabberson Architects Half Marble Wall with Moulding

Don’t want to cover your whole bathroom in marble? No worries.

A half marble bathroom can look just as good!

Take a look at this design by Tabberson Architects. As you can see, they’ve installed marble halfway up the wall and capped it off with moulding. The patterned wallpaper adds a nice, elegant touch.

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Honestly WTF

Brass fixtures offer a sharp relief to marble backsplash in this rustic bathroom.