Best Ikea Bean Bag

Everyone loves Ikea. Plain and simple.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy spending hours browsing through furniture and stopping off at the cafe for a midday treat?

But, too often, Ikea is associated with a stark, minimal, European midcentury style. Sometimes, people forget that they make some fun, quirky stuff, too! Below I’ve review some of the best bean bags you can find at Ikea. These are all a low-key version of the Scandinavian pouf that has been so popular these last few years.

Ready? Let’s go!

Our Favorite Ikea Bean Bags

If you’re planning on heading over to the nearest Ikea (or browsing their website) any time soon, it could benefit you to check out their beanbag chair selection.

Although their bean bag catalog is relatively small in comparison to the rest of their chair selection, their current models are quite outstanding.

Check them out below!


Best Bean Bag Chair for Adults

Best Bean Bag Chair for Adults

Ikea Sandared Dark Blue Pouffe

The Sandared is another popular model. This “pouffe” chair is upholstered with a knitted cover the gives it a sweet, handmade feeling. Perfect for traditionally designed homes and midcentury modern styles alike.

Due to it’s compact size, this bean bag chair can be moved around easily and doubles both as an ottoman or a chair.


Ikea Sandared Beige Pouffe

The Sandared bean bag chair actually comes in a number of different colors and sizes, each at a different price point.

While this beige model for example, is slightly smaller than the chair shown above (18″ in diameter as opposed to 28″ in diameter), it costs about half the price.

But, it doesn’t sacrifice any quality. This model is built from the same heavy-duty materials as its larger counterpart.


Best White Bean Bag

Best White Bean Bag

Ikea Dihult

The Dihult bean bag chair is one of Ikea’s most popular models, namely because it’s an enormous chair that’s super comfortable for lounging.

But, the people who own this chair love its hanging-hook feature, which allows you to hang it from a coatrack on the wall! Perfect for whenever you need to move it out of the way!

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