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When we think of trash barrels, we often think of those old, metal, Oscar-the-Grouch-style cans. They’re usually dirty, smelly, and ugly.

But, your garbage cans don’t have to be repulsive. Despite the fact that you use them to dispose of all your trash, they can actually be a decorative element in your home.

There are all kinds of aesthetically pleasing wastebaskets for the interior and exterior of your house. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites below.

Vintage Trash Can

Vintage Trash Can 🌟


Brabantia Newlcon Vintage Trash Can

The vintage trash can is not just a clean way to manage trash and recycling, it is a worker too. The hinge action allows for less mess around the trash can area, and even better it doesn’t slam shut like the other models

Editor’s Choice


Jonathan Y Designs from Gilt $215.00

Color/finish: almond Step-on Measures 26.

Our Picks for Decorative Trash Cans

And a little about what makes each special…


Bath Accessories

Bath Accessories


Bath Bliss from Overstock $29.99

This Bath Bliss Trash Can is designed to compliment any home or bathroom décor.





Yamazaki Home from Verishop $60.00

What we bin talking about.


Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance


Brabantia from Nordstrom $99.00

The lightest tap of your foot smoothly and silently opens the soft-closing, odor-proof lid of this handsome trash can you can use in nearly any room.

Research / Frequent Questions

How Do You Choose A Trash Can?

In order to choose the correct trash can for your home, you must first decide where you want to put the trash can. Size definitely matters because you don’t want it to overtake the room or area that it is in.
You need to decide which room it is going in. You are obviously not going to use a trashcan size that your kitchen requires.
The bathroom should be no bigger than gallons in size. For your home office, about seven gallons, and for the kitchen standard size is usually 30 gallons.
The amount of trash that you are going to have as well is important. If you have one person in the house, then you don’t need a huge trash can either.

What Size Is A Normal Trash Can?

The size of a normal trash can is 13 gallons. Sometimes smaller if they are going under a sink or in a cabinet

How Do You Paint A Metal Trash Can?