Best Chukka Boots [November 2019]

what are chukka boots used for?

Are chukka boots warm?

Chukka boots are very warm. They are one of the most popular boots for the winter months. The bad thing is chukka boots are usually suede which does make it rough to wear these boots in the wet weather. These boots are very durable and versatile as well.

Are chukka boots business casual?

Yes, chukka boots can be worn with business casual. They are versatile in their ways to be worn. They can be worn with formal suits as well as your most worn pair of jeans. They are also quite comfortable.

how do you wash chukka boots?

It is an art to wash your Chukka boots. They are suede, so great care must be taken to preserve them.
If there are clumps of dirt on your boots, brush it off with a clean cloth. If the suede is wet, soak it up with a paper towel and absorb as much of the water as you can.
Rub away any scuff marks with a nail file or a stiff toothbrush.
Buy a suede brush which can be used to clean away any unwanted marks or dirt as well.
You should also spray your boots with a silicone protectant that will protect your boots from further staining.

Whats the difference between chukka boots and desert boots?

The Desert boots are still basically made the same way as regular chukka boots, but they do differ in their soles and colors. The desert boots are a light colored sole and darker boot body.
The boots do have the same type of material in the sole as the desert boots, but their sole is dark.