Best Bleach For Hair [November 2019]

what is the best bleach for hair?

The best hair bleach out there is Loreal Blond Studio Platinum Plus Lightening Paste. It is also available in two different blends that will work better on darker hair and has ammonia in that blend. There is also ammonia free which will lift color better for lighter hair colors. It is also the best out there as well because it is the least damaging hair bleach out there.

how do you safely bleach your hair?

First thing you need to do always is to do a patch test to make sure that it will not damage your hair and scalp.
Divide your hair into four sections.
Pour your bleach powder into a bowl and add the developer gradually until you have a consistency of ketchup.
Start at the roots and paint your hair downward to the tips.
Keep checking your strands to make sure they are not drying too quickly. Add more bleach if it is needed.
After your hair dries, wash with the purple shampoo.
Condition your hair heavily and do not blow dry or flat iron it.
After it is all dry, apply the Virgin Snow toner on the really brassy blond spots
Wash again with purple shampoo and recondition

is peroxide good for your hair?

No. That being said, peroxide is better for your hair than the very harmful bleaches out there that can really do damage. The trick is for you to make sure you replace the moisture that the peroxide removes so it does not get brittle and straw like

Is coconut good for bleached hair?

Yes coconut is good for bleached hair. It can help rebuild the collagen fibers that are destroyed by bleaching the hair.