Best Flossing Tools [March 2020]

Flossing Tools

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There are many different brands for floosing picks on the market. They are quite popular for those who want to have a toothpick/floss combo. The best ones are listed below:

Dentek complete clean
Oral-B Glide Gum Care
Plackers Micro Mint
Familife Unflavored Dental Floss Picks
GUM Professional Clean Flossers
Pearlbar Planet Loving Floss Picks

When it comes to gum health, flossing is imperative. Many people also use water piks. When it comes to everyday care, there is no substitute for brushing and flossing your teeth. The water pik is great for once or twice a month to add to your gum health care routine

Is Interdental Floss As Good As Flossing?

Interdental flossing is not as good as flossing, however, when there is a person who wears braces or has issues with regular flossing but still want to take care of their gums. When you need to take care of your teeth and have issues with regular floss, try waxed floss, and use the brushes if its better for you

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What should you do first – brush or floss?

There is never really a so called correct order. That being said, a lot of people prefer flossing first because it loosens stuff in between the teeth, and then brush. The ADA says as long as you brush and floss, then you are fine

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