Best Bifold Wallet [November 2019]

What are the best slim wallets?

Slim wallets are definitely becoming popular with men. There are about five top brands that stand out.

Basics slim wallets are affordable and durable.
The Pioneer Ion Slim Wallet is made of some of the strongest material on Earth. It actually comes with a ten year warranty.
Radix One Slim Wallet is made of polycarbonate, and can hold about ten cards which is great for today’s man on the go.
Slim Timber has made a wooden wallet. It is about 35.00 and it is a very sleek looking wallet.
The Dash Co. 4.0 Slim Wallet has the thickness of an Iphone. It is innovative in that it has RFID protection to keep you safe against credit card thieves.

What type of wallet is the best?

Joojoobs is a classic wallet with the modern touch by offering a money clip in its design as well. Also trying to appeal to those who like the slim line wallet
Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Wallet Comes in many colors and offer RFID blocking
Rounding out the top three best wallets, Burberry Leather Bifold Wallet is luxurious, expensive, feels and looks rich.

So when deciding what is best, these three offer variations of all types of wallets, with the main popular trait being they are slim line wallets and protect against credit card theft

What’s a bifold wallet?

A bifold wallet it the traditional wallet mainly used by men. It is rectangular in shape, has a pocket for money and credit cards. It is a midsize . Bifolds can also have a vertical rectangle shape and open up like a book.

Do RFID wallets work?

RFID wallets do work at blocking the radio waves. Some say they are not even necessary anymore due to the changes in credit card technology. It is just protecting other consumer information that people are wanting to use them for.