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Golden Trumeau Mirror

Established in 2013 Los Angeles, California’s Mirror Coop is an online, curated collection of vintage, MidCentury, Art Deco furniture. Their team is lead by John Linden, a Los Angeles based interior designer.

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From Los Angeles, California

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    What Makes Mirror Coop Unique?

    Colorful wall mirrors were once a mainstay of high-end decor, but have become increasingly hard to find over the last 50 years. MirrorCoop is one of the only studios in the United States that still makes colorful mirror.

    Some of Our Favorites from Mirror Coop

    Their mirror collection is known for its colorful and antiqued pieces. Below are some of my favorites, including a few Art Deco inspired wall mirrors.

    Golden Trumeau Mirror

    Art Deco inspired wall mirror in the Trumeau style, we love how this mirror incorporates two color tones and a classic style.

    Green Round Deco Mirror from MirrorCoop

    This green mirror is one of our absolute favorites from the MirrorCoop collection. Finding this shade of emerald green is near impossible in today’s furniture market, so this piece is both unique and beautiful.

    Framed Antiqued Mirror

    One of the classics from the Mirror Coop collection, this steel frames mirror has a high density antiqued finish, making it as much art as a functional mirror.

    Blue Art Deco Style Mirror

    Another artistic antiques mirror, here we have a frameless round, golden mirror that is infused with gold leaf, making it an abstract and luxurious statement piece.

    Blue Art Deco Style Mirror

    Like the round green mirror above, this blue wall mirror has a cool blue that was popular during the Art Deco period. Its vibrance and simplicity make it special.

    Blue Art Deco Style Mirror

    One of our favorite photos from the round mirror collection, this piece has a light golden finish and clear viewing mirror, striking a balance between function and aesthetic.

    Learn More

    In addition to their website, MirrorCoop also has one of the most popular shops on Etsy


    And they are competing in a few design competition both in Europe and the US for summer 2019. If you are a design professional, they will have a booth at High Point this Fall.

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