Best Backpacks For Men [November 2019]

Which is the best backpack brand?

how are men and women’s backpacks different?

Women’s backpacks are different than men’s in a few key ways. Women’s backpacks are slimmer and more sleek looking so to speak. The shoulders are slimmer as well because obviously men are broader through the shoulder area. The length from shoulder to hip is shorter for women as well.
The hip belt will also be placed differently to effectively take the weight off the shoulders as well.

Are backpacks better than messenger bags?

The size is different. Women’s backpacks are slimmer than mens. The torso is shorter. From the shoulder to the hip is smaller, as most women are shorter than men.
The hip belt to help distribute the weight better for women.
The shoulders are slimmer as well as women are not as broad through the shoulders as men.