Tweed Women’s Jackets

what do you wear with a tweed jacket?

A very good pair of jeans, or khaki chinos are a great look with a tweed jacket.
Also, wear desert boots or loafers go great as well.

If you buy a check tweed jacket, then you can wear a white dress shirt, and tailored suit trousers.

If you go for grey tweed, definitely dress this up with a worn pair of jeans because grey tweed is the most “stuffy” kind of tweed so to speak in choices for tweed. Go for a light colored shirt and wear some chukka boots. Avoid corduroy pants though along with necklaces and bracelets as it will look tacky.

how to wear a tweed jacket casually?

The best way to wear a jacket for a casual look is to pair it with some jeans. That being said it needs to be done well or it will come off looking horribly.
Choose the correct jacket. If you have a lighter colored jacket, definitely wear dark jeans. They also need to be a quality denim. Patch pockets and elbow patches make it a more casual ensemble. Just do not let it be too baggy.

what is a tweed jacket?

It is a jacket that is made from a rough, woolen fabric that is very close to woven. It is usually also woven with twill or herringbone structure. They are also designed to be worn in harsher, colder climates. They got their name because of a river called Tweed over in Scotland. But it is a warmer jacket as well great for cold climate.