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Finding A Community Solution To A Personal Problem

Finding a Community Solution to a Personal Problem

Recycling is at the forefront of our minds. Many people are happy to recycle, they just do not always have the time to get it to the centers. This app helps neighbors see other neighbors who are willing to stop and get their recycling.
Ricky Bhavnani founder of ReycleBro came up with an interesting way to solve this problem. He explains,

Many people don’t have a problem collecting their recyclables but usually never find time or the means to transport them to a center. With this app, users can connect with people who will drop by and get their recyclables.

Composting Is Easy

Composting Is Easy

The environmental impact composting contributes is one that we should all pay attention to. The most effective “green” choices we make are often the simplest to execute.
Grid Systems Designer Regina Caligiuri explains how easy it is to compost even if you do not have a large garden.

A favorite suggestion I give to my clients is to incorporate composting into their lifestyle. It is easy and makes a huge impact.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Though it would be great to power your home with solar panels, the price of install and upkeep makes that a tough choice for many.
Sun Share has found a way to introduce community solar farming. Homeowners and renters can subscribe to a portion of the energy in the solar garden. Their VP of marketing, Melina Fleming, explains,

Instead of putting panels on your roof, both homeowners and renters can simply subscribe to a portion of the energy produced in the community solar garden.

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