Slim Fit Dress Shirt [November 2019]

What is a slim fit dress shirt?

When a man buys a slim fit dress shirt, the first thing you need to know is, it does not fit athletic men well. They do not accommodate the upper body. They do however, taper well in the midsection. That is the main difference in choosing a slim fit dress shirt. It is like any other slim fit clothing, it is made to fit.

Do dress shirts shrink?

It pretty much goes unsaid that dress shirts do indeed shrink by about 2%. Most are made with cotton because it is more breathable, and cotton does shrink.

What is my dress shirt size?

When you are getting a good dress shirt, you need to measure yourself for the true sizes. First, measure your neck. The second number on the tag is the sleeve length, and that should also be measured. For example if you have a shirt tag that says “15 ½ 32/33 your neck is the 15 1/2 your sleeve is 32-33. They are pretty self explanatory though, and most men know their measurements

What does slim fit pants mean?

Slim fit pants are meant to be form fitting and be tapered to be close to the leg and taper at the ankles. They are not as form fitting as skinny fit, but they are close to the figure and will accentuate the areas that need it.