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What is a Sensory Blanket?

Basically, a sensory blanket is a blanket that contains extra weight inside of it. This extra weight is intended to provide pressure for its user, essentially pushing down on them while they’re sleeping, resting or hanging out.

We understand that this might sound strange. Why would anyone in the world want a heavy blanket? Who needs that?

Interestingly enough, sensory blankets are actually used to treat people with autism, anxiety disorder, PTSD, or other neuroatypical conditions. The pressure that the blanket provides actually triggers the part of the brain that anxiety stems from. So, when someone is feeling anxious, the blanket helps to calm them down and make them feel at ease.

You could think of sensory blankets as acting like big hugs, really.

Of course, everyone loves hugs. And, everyone feels anxious sometimes. While people with autism or other conditions may benefit more from these blankets, it’s increasingly common for neurotypical folks to own them as well. People find that sensory blankets help them calm down when they’re feeling stressed out or uneasy.

Our Pick for Best Sensory Blanket – Mosaic Blanket

weighted blanket

Mosaic Weighted Blanket

When it comes to sensory blankets, Mosaic Weight Blankets is one of our favorite companies working right now.

Their blankets are made from 100% cotton, along with some minky fabric, and commercial-grade poly pellets for the weighted element. Each blanket is quilted in squares which keeps the pellets contained and prevents them from consolidating on one side.

Each blanket is available in a range of different patterns and sizes. They have double, queen, and king-sized blankets to accommodate any individual and any size bed. For patterns, they have a range of traditional plaids and some solid monochrome colors, to. The minky blankets are soft, velvety, and are available in a range of different hues.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Mosaic Blankets is that they’re machine washable (up to 12 lbs). So, in order to wash it, all you have to do is throw it in a cold cycle and air dry it. It’s so easy!

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