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Mosaic Weighted Blanket

When it comes to sensory blankets, Mosaic Blankets is one of our favorite companies working right now.

Their blankets are made from 100% cotton, along with some minky fabric, and commercial-grade poly pellets for the weighted element. Each blanket is quilted in squares which keeps the pellets contained and prevents them from consolidating on one side.

Each blanket is available in a range of different patterns and sizes. They have double, queen, and king-sized blankets to accommodate any individual and any size bed. For patterns, they have a range of traditional plaids and some solid monochrome colors, to. The minky blankets are soft, velvety, and are available in a range of different hues.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Mosaic Blankets is that they’re machine washable (up to 12 lbs). So, in order to wash it, all you have to do is throw it in a cold cycle and air dry it. It’s so easy!

how do you make a sensory blanket?

Decide the size of your blanket. It only needs to be the size of person using it.
Figure the weight you want the blanket to be because it needs to be about 10% of the person’s body weight you are making it for.
The weighted pellets that you will use weigh about an ounce per quarter cup. Normally you should use about an ounce of pellets per square.
Sew the front and back together and when you do leave 3/8 inch along the seam, as this will be important later.
Sew all your vertical lines beginning at the seam.
After you have sewn these vertical channels, it is time to put your weighted pellets in the the squares
Shake the pellets down to the bottom of the blanket.
When you have filled the channels, sew the seam at top where your vertical channels are still open
Use pins to mark an area where you will sew basting in the blanket to keep the pellets from moving.

what is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is a blanket that usually averages about4- 25 pounds and is used with people to relieve anxiety and provide a sense of comfort for those with sensory issues. (autism. e.g.)
It is also used as an aid to go to sleep. It is meant for the feeling of security.

how does a weight blanket work?

The idea behind the blanket working is that it provides firm constant pressure and it helps the user feel cocooned so to speak so they can rest better. It helps the user feel like they are being hugged. It also provides a tactile sensation when the user moves because the weighted pellets move with the user of the blanket.