Mtailor Review [January 2020]

how much does MTailor cost?

MTailor costs vary. They start at $69 and go up to $100

How does Mtailor’s app work?

Mtailor is quite an amazing app. It allows you to take your measurements and order customized clothing, all with one easy-to-use interface!

When you download the app, you start by taking your measurements. All you have to do is lean your phone against the wall and take a few pictures of yourself. The app measures every inch of your body.

Then, you can order clothes. You select the fabrics, style, and colors. You can customize everything down to the buttons, zippers, and collar style!

It’s unbelievably easy to use. Customers everywhere are thrilled by the clothing they order through this app.

how much does mtailor cost?

Using your phone’s camera, it will measure your proportions and record them in the app.
With the choices you made for your material, the mtailor team will make your shirt to your specifications.
It is guaranteed to fit up to 20% better than having a professional tailor fit you.

how accurate is mtailor?

Mtailor is actually up to 20% more accurate than having a professional tailor measure you.

Where are mtailor jeans made?

They are made in San Fancisco, CA

Did mtailor get a deal on shark tank?


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