Mtailor Review [May 2020]

With the rise of made-for-you fashion, fashion rentals (like Stitch Fix & Tailored Brands), it feels like there has never been a better time to look sharp.

But does all this fashion sense via AI amount to much more than hype?

Below, we take a look at mTailor — a custom shirt maker — who gained notoriety as contestants on Shark Tank.

Frequent Questions About MTailor

how much does MTailor cost?

MTailor costs vary. They start at $69 and go up to $100

How does Mtailor’s app work?

Mtailor is quite an amazing app. It allows you to take your measurements and order customized clothing, all with one easy-to-use interface!

When you download the app, you start by taking your measurements. All you have to do is lean your phone against the wall and take a few pictures of yourself. The app measures every inch of your body.

Then, you can order clothes. You select the fabrics, style, and colors. You can customize everything down to the buttons, zippers, and collar style!

It’s unbelievably easy to use. Customers everywhere are thrilled by the clothing they order through this app.

how much does mtailor cost?

Using your phone’s camera, it will measure your proportions and record them in the app.
With the choices you made for your material, the mtailor team will make your shirt to your specifications.
It is guaranteed to fit up to 20% better than having a professional tailor fit you.

how accurate is mtailor?

Mtailor is actually up to 20% more accurate than having a professional tailor measure you.

Where are mtailor jeans made?

They are made in San Fancisco, CA

Did mtailor get a deal on shark tank?


Online Conversations About MTailor

A Reddit user gives a great overview of his journey using mTailor

Promised I’d do a review of my MTailor shirt once it got here, so here it is.

**Getting measured:** It’s a really novel process, as described in the show. You tilt your phone against the wall and it gives you instructions to follow, really simple process. You kinda spin around with your arms making a 90 degree angle up while wearing nothing but boxer briefs. You then put in your height so it can take a bunch of ratios and figure out what your measurements are. It was honestly a pretty fun and smooth experience. Only down side is, it doesn’t tell you what it thinks your measurements are just in case it might have screwed them up.

**Picking out Clothes:** I picked out the cheapest button downed shirt just to try out the app and it cost me around $70. You can specify the type of collar you want and can choose from:
casual button down, regular button down, cutaway, widespread or strait point. You can specify the type of cuff you want where its a one button round, two buttons angled or a french cuff. You can specify the shirt length as untucked or tucked. You can specify the cut whether it be slim or classic. And finally you can specify if you want a pocket and if you wear a watch and on what wrist.

This is the most interesting part because it makes you feel like you’re really customizing your shirt.

**The Wait:** I think it was because I bought this soon after the Shark Tank airing that the wait was so long but here’s what happened…

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