The Perfect Mens Shorts [December 2019]

how long should men’s shorts be?

Mens shorts should rest about 2 inches above the knee. Just as if the man were wearing swim trunks

What shorts should guys wear?

It all depends on the occasion. If you are doing business, absolutely no shorts should be worn. Athletic shorts come in different lengths. You are not going to wear long shorts for tennis and soccer because you need free movement of your legs for both sports. For working out men mainly wear the looser silky shorts for comfort and for the ability to repel sweat.
For going casual at an event, regular shorts or khaki shorts that come above the knee with a nice shirt is acceptable.

Can you wear a tie with shorts?

You can wear a tie with shorts. It is all dependent upon the place you are at and what the occasion calls for.

What are chino shorts?

Chino shorts are the kind of staple that you can wear to just about any event or occasion. They are mainly a solid color that will go well with either a dress or casual shirt, even long sleeve shirts.

Should you wear a belt with shorts?

If your shorts have belt loops, definitely wear a belt as long as it is not something that takes away from the outfit or is too busy.

It also all depends on the occasion that you are trying to pull off.