Mac Capricious Review [February 2020]

How long does the lip color last?

Mac Capricious lipstick is great for all skin tones and makes your lips look very healthy.
It also very moisturizing.
The only bad thing about it is if you apply it too close to the edge of the lips it will bleed around the corners of your mouth.

You do have to reapply it often.

Is it difficult to apply?

It is easy to apply this lipstick and makes your lips feel healthy.

Does it go on evenly?

Mac lipstick does not go on hard at all. It is an easy lipstick to apply, going on smooth. You do need to reapply several times throughout the day.

Will it dry my lips out

The great thing about this particular lipstick is that it is especially great for lip moisturizing. It will have to be reapplied, but it is good on the lips.

Does it moisturize well?