How To Make Your Beard Look Thicker [November 2019]

Do short beards look thicker?

It all depends. If a man is in the first month of a growing a beard, usually it is a patchy mess at times. It is all a matter of opinion. They usually do look a bit thicker because shorter beards are usually more trimmed up and less hair flying everywhere. When they are fully grown out though, they can appear thick.

Does shaving your beard make it thicker?

How do I thicken my beard?

One of the first tips with a beard is simply to get past the four week mark. If you are growing a beard out, the first month is the tricky one because it is going to look bad at times . Below are some tips:

Take care of your skin: moisturize, very important
Exercise and get rid of your excess weight, that will help your hair grow believe ti or not.
Reduce stress
Get rest
Improve your diet
Take some supplements
Use beard old regularly
Trim your beard properly as well
Stay hydrated
Shampoo your beard
Shaving does not help your beard grow