How To Remove Paint From Mirror [June 2023]

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The first thing you’re going to do is remove the excess paint from the mirror. You can either wipe it with a dry, lint-free rag or scrape it off with a plastic scraper. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to apply some heat and cold techniques to the surface of the mirror to help loosen up any remaining paint particles that are stuck on there. To apply heat, use a blowdryer; then turn it off and spray cold water over the mirror for 10 seconds before drying it again with your rag or scraper. Repeat this process until no more paint comes off on your rag or scraper.

It’s very important that you do not apply any abrasive cleaner to the mirror while you’re cleaning it because it may scratch the mirror, which will increase the visibility of any remaining paint on the surface.

After you’re done with the heat application, spray a little rubbing alcohol over all of the painted areas of the mirror and let it dry completely before moving on to Step 3.
A word of warning: Do not leave a rag that has rubbing alcohol on it laying around because your clothes may get stained from whatever gets rubbed off onto them.

Step 2:

Using a plastic scraper, gently scrape any remaining paint off of the mirror. This is also a good time to apply some heat to the mirror again if you haven’t already. [NOTE: this step is only necessary if you’re using a lint free rag or Scratch Puller and have not already used heat.]

Step 3:

Now it’s time to use an abrasive cleaner on the mirror. You can choose from several brands; just make sure it’s a non-scratch cleaner. I used some stuff called Goo Gone, but you can also use Mr. Clean or Comet. If you dilute the cleaner with water in a one-to-three ratio, it’ll work even better. Spray the surface of the mirror with some of the abrasive cleaner and let it sit for several minutes so that all of the paint can dissolve and be absorbed by the rag you’re using to wipe off the excess cleaner.

Step 4:

Wipe away the remaining paint with a clean, dry rag. When you’re finished, the mirror should look like new again. Don’t worry if you can still see some small traces of your paint job because it’ll blend in pretty well with the rest of the mirror after you repaint it.

How To Remove Paint From A Mirror

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