Hair Cream [November 2019]

What are the best hair creams for men?

After reviewing many hair creams that are for men, the number one pick is Bumble and Bumble grooming cream. It is great for men who have thick, curly hair. The cream is not too thick so it won’t weight the hair down. it is also great for those who have sensitive skin.

A close second is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping cream. It is also lightweight and provides a great hold as well.

Rounding out the top three list is Smooth Viking Hair STyling Fiber Cream for men. This cream actually helps add volume, and provides long lasting hair without feeling too

What do hair creams do?

Hair creams are commonly used as styling creams for men. They add shine to the hair as well as providing hold for the hair to keep stray hairs in place. It also makes the hair shiny without making the hair greasy. It will not hold more complex hair styles like spiking because creams do not provide that strong of a hold.

Should you use hair cream everyday?

Some recommend that you do not use hair cream every day simply because it is buildup on the scalp. Eventually, with prolonged use, some say it can dry the scalp out. It is definitely recommended that women do not use this hair cream as well.

Does hair cream damage hair?

Using hair cream can cause some damage to occur to hair. More often than not though, the damage comes from the method of styling. Mainly drying the hair, brushing it, etc. There are some elements in the hair cream that can cause some damage, such as alcohol. Alcohol dries out the hair.