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As anyone who has ever worked on a design project knows, the process takes a lot of effort. From designing, building, finishing, and then maintaining, having the perfect space feels like a never ending job.

Below is a list of the best resources I’ve found to help you keep your space so chic. Each pertains a topic, like organizing your space, with a little info and links to check out.

Ready? Let’s go!

Organization before and after

Organization before and after

Darla DeMorrow | HeartWork Organizing

Staying Organized

We all know that once the work of designing your space is finished, the real work of keeping it looking great beings. Like Marie Kondo, Darla DeMorrow has an ironclad system for keeping your space tidy, organized, and functional. She works with Philadelphia-area clients in person, and she works with clients worldwide with very effective virtual organizing through video calls.

Darla’s book, Organizing Your Home with SORT and SUCCEED

chairish review

Chairish’s Pillow Shop


Finding Furniture

Of all the big furniture exchanges online — eBay, Etsy, 1st Dibs, etc. — Chairish is definitely the best. You can find great quality, customer services, and more. Highly recommended if you are looking for special furniture.

Visit Chairish Here

Interiors Mentioned by Marie Kondo

Interiors Mentioned by Marie Kondo

Kon Marie

Staying Organized

The queen of staying organized and definitely someone worth watching, Marie Kondo has an endless stream of advice on keeping your house (and life) tidy.

Visit Kon Marie Here




Finding Furniture

Like a simpler, better curated Pinterest, Designspiration has an endless list of awesome furniture and interior design ideas.

Visit Designspiration Here


Scandinavian Interior


Design DIY

The masterclass section on Houseology is so good and has so many different lessons on design that it’s really a must if you are a DIYer.

Visit Houseology Here

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