The Complete Guide To Emerald Cut Diamonds

What are Emerald-Shaped Diamonds?

Diamonds come in a range of different shapes and sizes. There are large, square ones and smaller, oval-shaped ones. Jewelers cut them into hearts, circles, and even teardrop shapes called “Marquise”.

One of the most common types of diamonds is the emerald-shaped diamond. This style is mostly rectangular but cut off at the corners, creating an octagonal form.

Furthermore, the sides of an emerald-shaped diamond are slanted downward, allowing it to sit comfortably in the gemstone station of a piece of jewelry.

How to Buy an Emerald-Cut Diamond

While emerald-shaped diamonds are uniquely beautiful, they’re relatively common. You can buy one by walking into almost any jewelry store.

Tell the jeweler that you’re looking for an emerald-shaped diamond and they’ll likely have some products to show you.

If you’d prefer to buy jewelry online, you can find emerald-cut diamonds at these online stores:

  • Blue Nile
  • Kay Jewelers
  • Helzberg Diamonds
  • Jared
  • Emerald-Cut Diamond Carat Size Chart

    Like most gemstones, emerald-cut diamonds range from very tiny to very large. there are half-carat diamonds, eighteen-carat diamonds, and every size in between.

    If you’re wondering about the size of your stone, here’s a carat size chart that will help you figure it out:

  • .50 carats = 5.0 mm
  • .75 carats = 5.7 mm
  • 1 carats = 6.5 mm
  • 1.5 carats = 7.3 mm
  • 2 carats = 8.0 mm
  • 3 carats = 9.1 mm
  • Emerald-Cut Diamond Size Comparison

    Wondering how big of a diamond you should buy?

    Well, it depends on a number of factors. Obviously, larger diamonds cost more money. If you have the means to purchase an expensive diamond, you can get one nearly as wide as your finger.

    If you’re looking for something more reasonably priced, however, you can find an affordable one that’s about 1/4 of the size of your fingernail.

    You can find an emerald-cut diamond size comparison graphic here.

    What Are the Ideal Emerald-Cut Diamond Proportions?

    When it comes to gemstones, the “ideal” is always subjective. Some people prefer huge gems that are visible from across the room. Others, however, prefer smaller, more modest stones.

    While the general consensus around stone size may vary, professional jewelers have their own standards.

    Most jewelers agree that the following proportions make for the ideal emerald-cut diamond:

  • The diamond’s depth should be equal to 61%-67% of its diameter.
  • Its table (the flat part on the top), should be equal to 62%-70% of its total diameter.
  • The culet, or pointed bottom, should be perfectly pointed with no flat spot.
  • For more proportion guidelines from expert jewelers, check out this site.

    Why Are Emerald-Cut Diamonds Cheaper?

    Emerald-cut diamonds look great. But, their aesthetic value isn’t the only benefit.

    They’re also much cheaper than full diamonds.

    Why are they less expensive? Well, because there’s technically less material on these stones. Because they’re shaved in a triangle shape on the bottom, they actually have less diamond on them.

    This is one of the reasons why emerald-shaped diamonds were created in the first place. It allows people who might not otherwise be able to afford a diamond to own a gorgeous, glistening stone of their own.