Interior Design Trends 2019

As Brian Reed famously said, “Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. ”

In the world of interior design, this truth has been bouncing around the halls of homes, hotels, and stores for decades.

Each year, design experts, thinkers, and commentators put together their thoughts on what will be this years “hot”design. Doing their best to put a finger on what “designed well” means in 2019.

Here are the best of the best…the 10 articles that have been most shared, tweeted, and emailed about design trends in 2019.

Thank U, Next: 8 Interior Design Trends That Are So Over in 2019

Looks like finding out what’s passe is more important than finding out what’s hot. This article breaks down what’s done in 2019 .

Tip – ditch the all white kitchen.

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10 Daring Interior Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2019 doesn’t leave you hanging with just what’s out in 2019. They also come through with a great set of interesting choices for materials, color, and furniture.

Tip pink is back

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Let’s Be Real: We Love These 8 Interior Design Trends Now, but They Probably Won’t Age Well is a all-things-home site that talks a little about home decor. This article points out some of the trendier design ideas out there right now that might now age so well…

Tip Limit the brass hardware in your kitchen…

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