Cubicle Plant [May 2020]

There are huge benefits to having plants and flowers around the office. Not only do they add a bit of flair to an otherwise boring space, but they also help to circulate oxygen which can reduce stress and increase productivity. Plus, science shows that a reduction in carbon dioxide improves the immune system, which means that your employees will take fewer sick days.

Of course, choosing the right plants and flowers is tough. After all, certain plants just aren’t meant to live indoors under florescent light. Many people forego buying plants for the office simply because they don’t want to replace dying plants every 6-8 weeks.

Fortunately, there are plenty of plants that thrive indoors. A lot of them do well with very little light, too.

Parlor palms are a great plant for these office. They tend to do very well indoors and don’t require a lot of light. They’ll thrive if you put them near a window where they can catch the sun as it’s rising or setting, but they can live off a few minutes of exposure each day. And, they process a ton of carbon dioxide, which makes them great for air purification.

Boston ferns are great, too. They require a bit more maintenance than palms, but they’re very resilient and won’t die the first time you forget to water them. Basically, you just have to spray down their soil once a week and they’ll live a happy life. They don’t grow very fast, either, which makes them a good plant for desks and lunch tables.

When it comes to flowers for the office, I always recommend daisies. They survive on small amounts of light and relatively little water. As long as you wet the soil when it dries out, they’ll live for quite a while. Plus, they come in a million different colors, so you’ll always be able to find some that suit your space.