Coastal Decorating Ideas [May 2020]

1. The goal of coastal design is to create a relaxed and breezy environment. A “beachy” setting where you could picture leaving the back door open so the kids can run in and out while you enjoy lunch at the kitchen counter.

2. It’s important to remember that “coastal” is not the same as “nautical.” We’re not talking about lobster traps and buoys hanging on the wall here. Instead, coastal decor is more minimal and subdued.

3. Coastal design draws its inspiration from the natural environment of the seaside–muted, minimal colors. When I picture it, I think a lot of whites, sky blues, and pale, earthy beige. There might even be some natural wood peeking through in the furniture or slat walls.

4. Good coastal design has the look of a beachside home, not a pirate-themed restaurant. Try to avoid the seashell driveway. Don’t go overboard (no pun intended) with beachy decor. Those things work well for a seaside vacation home, but not a year-round dwelling place.

5. Rustic design takes years to perfect. It has to come together over time. Don’t rush out and buy every “rustic” item at Target and expect it to look natural. Instead, pick up a few things here and there over several months and it will come together much better.

6. In a good coastal theme, the curtains and blinds are a crucial component. Avoid heavy blackout curtains. Instead, go with light and flowy cotton curtains that allow the breeze to come through on a sunny summer day.