Casual Blazer [November 2019]

How do I choose a casual blazer?

The first decision to make when choosing a casual blazer is to go with the correct material. Linen, and lightweight material is a great place to start with a blazer. The occasion will also dictate what kind of blazer youre going to choose. Color will also dictate the blazer level of casual. Bright colors, and certain kinds of patterns are a great indicator of casual wear.

Is a blazer business casual?

A blazer is business casual depending on the workplace. There are some business places that you cannot wear them, but just feel out the place you are working and what the tone of the place is.

What do you wear under a blazer?

There are many ways to use them. Dress shirts and blazer. Oxford button up shirts are a great alternative.
Polo shirts are a great alternative. They look classy because of the couple buttons. Vneck tees and jeans are a great alternative.

What pants do you wear under a blazer?

The pants should be a close color to the blazer. The material should be dressy material.

Can you wear shortsleeves with a blazer/

You can wear short sleeves with a blazer, although, it should be a polo.