Best Body Spray For Men [December 2019]

Body sprays for men are nothing new. The body sprays for men that closely mimic women’s drug store body sprays is ruled by the Axe body spray brand. They have the best smelling, and longest lasting body spray for men out there.

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Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz.
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Our Favorite Body Sprays for Men

…and a little about what makes each special




VitaMan’s lightly scented Deodorant Ocean helps keep skin dry and fresh. Ideal for sensitive skin, this moisturizing body spray combines calming



Jack Black

Jack Black Turbo Body Spray, 3.4 oz./ 100 mL DetailsThis cool, yet energizing body spray features the fragrance of our best-selling Turbo Wash.



Christian Dior

Dior Sauvage Spray Deodorant DetailsA fresh and subtly scented formula for long-lasting protection that is soft on skin.Designer About Dior Beau

When men want to apply body spray, they need to remove their shirt. Spray the upper body, holding the spray about six inches away from the body. You only need to apply it once a day. If you want to cover a larger area for spraying, hold the spray 7-9 inches away from your upper body

There is no right or wrong cologne when it comes to men wearing cologne. It is as always a definite taste of smell, and what is right for the man wearing it. When it comes to getting the most female compliments though, the number one rated cologne is Green Irish Tweed by Creed. It was launched in 1985 and is a favorite among celebs like Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, and Pierce Brosnan. The way it smells reminds women that the men wearing it are gentlemen.