Best Witch Hazel [November 2019]

What is the best witch hazel for acne?

There are a couple witch hazels that are the best for acne.

Thayers Alcohol free witch hazel-also contains aloe to soothe skin
Quinns -also fragrance free for sensitive skin
Neutrogena Pore refining toner-gets rid of oil and dead cells

Is witch hazel bad for your skin?

Witch hazel is great for skin and is a great short term solution for some problems. A lot of research shows that the drying properties of witch hazel is the problem. If overused, it can cause skin to become too dry.

Is witch hazel better with or without alcohol?

It is better without alcohol because alcohol also has drying properties that will irritate skin as well.

What does witch hazel do to your face?

Witch Hazel gives your skin that kind of refreshed glow. It is used as a toner to restore PH after cleaning. It also removes dead skin and removes debris from pores so they look better as well