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Best Straight Razor [June 2019]

The best straight razors

And a little about what makes each special…

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What are the best straight razors?

For men looking for the ability to remove the razor from the box and get a great close shave, Dovo is the way to go. They are a nine inch blade as well, so they are designed to get a close shave.
For the man that wants a quality razor that is not expensive but falls in the median of disposable razor and a quality barber razor.
Coming in third is the Feather Artist DX Folding Club razor. This is a high quality razor only con is that you cannot sharpen the blade, you must replace it.

Are straight razors better than traditional razors?

As far as the quality of the blade goes, by far straight razors are much better than the traditional razors. Most straight razors are built to last for life. That is because the can be sharpened and honed back to their original sharp edge, whereas you cannot sharpen regular razors. That being said, it is not advised to use a straight razor if you have not used one before because you will more than likely cut yourself. Another con is, you will have to replace the razor if you damage it badly enough.

how much should I pay for a straight razors?

For a straight razor, depending on the quality, the average price is $40.00 and should normally spend no more than $100.00

Is it worth using a straight razor?

Depending on your personal preference, deciding whether or not it is worth it to buy and use a straight razor, you may want to take some of these factors into consideration.
Having a close shave, preventing razor burn, help decrease ingrown hairs and just getting a great shave all the way around do in fact, make it worth using a straight razor

best way to sharpen a straight razor

You can use a strop (leather strap) to effectively sharpen your straight razor. Depending on the material your blade is made from — stainless steel being the best — keeping the blade rust free and storing it in a dry place is key.

Whenever you store your razor, be sure to keep it in a dry environment (so perhaps in your closet not bathroom). After long periods of not using the razor, rubbing the blade and pivot lightly with oil is recommended.

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