Best Riding Boots [November 2019]

Are paddock boots good for riding?

Paddock boots are really good for riding. Children in the show ring are more apt to be wearing paddock boots because of the comfort factor and that they are also a lower cut boot so they are less irritating as well. Adults use them for comfort as well, but you definitely don’t want to wear paddock boots in the stall

What kind of boots should be worn while horseback riding?

YOu should wear riding boots, hiking boots without deep lugs. Also wearing over the ankle boots or winter boots with no deep lugs. Another good choice is shoes that have a 1/2-3/4 inch heel that fasten well.

How do you break in field boots?

You need leather softener, boot trees, boot stretch spray and moleskin or petroleum jelly
You focus on putting the leather conditioner where you really want the boot to become more flexible. . You wear an old pair of socks you don’t mind staining and wear them around applying the conditioner as you feel the need. Keep repeating the process until you have reached the desired effect

How do you break in riding boots?

Leather conditioner, Vaseline, boot trees,