Best Pre Shave Oil [November 2019]

What are the best pre-shave oils?

The Art of Shaving Pre-shave oil , Sandalwood is among the top choices.
Taconic Shave Premium All Natural PreShave oil
Seven Potions Pre Shave Oil for Men
Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shave Oil
These are the highest rate for helping with skin irritation and smell good as well.

What are some Ideas for pre-shave oil?

Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil are great do it yourself shave oils. They run a bit less than regular oils, but have the same properties as the expensive brands

Can coconut oil be used for pre-shave?

Yes, coconut oil can be used for pre shave. It actually has a lot of benefits as well. It is great with helping reduce irritation, as well as keep moisture in your skin.

Is pre-shave oil necessary?

It is not absolutely necessary to use pre shave oils, but it is recommended, especially if you have dry skin.
THey are natural ingredients as well, so they are not as harmful as some chemicals used during the shaving process. It helps ensure a smoother shave and adds an extra layer of protection

Is shaving oil better than gel?

SHaving oil may not be better than gel when it comes to a close shave. It is better for the skin than gel, because they are all natural and the cost is less than most gels.