Best Mustache Wax

Can you wax a mustache?

Mustache wax is different than other types of hair wax.

Whereas most hair wax is used to remove hair, mustache wax is used to highlight hair by sculpting and shaping it.

If you’re trying to grow a long, curly mustache that extends outward from your cheeks, you’re going to need some mustache wax. This product will help you sculpt your facial hair into any shape you like.

How do you make mustache wax stiff?

Mustache wax is a stiff material because it contains beeswax. When mixed with a bit of vaseline, this material is able to stay soft in the jar but hardens when exposed to air.

The nice thing about this stuff, though, is that it’s water-soluble. It’s not a permanent wax. So it’s pretty easy to wash out with soap at the end of the day (which is great if you don’t want mustache wax all over your pillowcase).

when should you start using a mustache wax?

I hear this question a lot–when is the right time to start using mustache wax?

Honestly, there’s no right time. As long as you have hair growing out of your upper lip, you can apply some mustache wax.

Obviously, you probably don’t want to apply wax if you just have a five o’clock shadow. It’s not going to do much for you. But, if you have enough hair that wax will make a difference, you should feel free to use some if you want to.